Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Fuss

So, I failed! I have not kept up with my blog at all. Honestly, I saw Tim beginning his blog today and remembered I had one. I certainly didn't know I had "followers." I have decided to write again. At least in some way, about something. I am not sure if they thoughts will make sense, but it is ok.

I decided to talk about the Superbowl game last night. Now I enjoy watching sports with friends, but I will be honest that I was more excited to try out my new meatball recipe in my new crockpot than to see who won the game. However, as we all sat down to watch the big game and listened in awe to Jennifer Hudson do a beauitiful job I began to get so excited. The people around me were all hiped up, the commercials, the fireworks everything around me made it impossible to not be excited about the game.

I decided to pull for the Cardinals. For no other reason than I love the state of Arizona and I can't stand the Steelers. As we watched the game we all got fired up about the touchdowns but at times, even more fired up about the "bad calls" being made by the officials. I honestly know very little about "face mask" or "holding" or what all the penalties mean...but I do know that when all the people around me got upset so did I. Looking back, it is kind of funny how I fussed at the television screen like all those around me. After the game I was convinced that the only reason the Steelers won was because the bad officials "handed" it to them. Tim later on told me, "Well, all those calls weren't actually bad. We just all got upset because they were called against the team we wanted to win." Wow, did I feel silly! I had no clue what I was making a fuss about.

Doesn't life often seem like that? I don't know about you but a lot of times if I am around a group of people that are making a big fuss, I decide I will join that wagon. What a shame! What if I used my fuss for good things. Like making a big fuss about social injustices or about the sin that entangles us today! What if I got up and fussed at the t.v. for all the deceptions it gives us about the world today. What if I made a big fuss because I saw a random person on the street get mistreated. Well folks, I guess that is what I need to start doing!

P.S. I understand that some of you sport fanatics out there may be thinking I'm crazy. Maybe there were a lot of bad calls made, all I know that if there were, I'm not really sure what they were.

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TimothyDavis28 said...

You aren't crazy at all. I completely agree with your blog and am excited. I loved that you took a game that I was so wrapped up in and made me realize just how trivial it is compared to sin and injustices.