Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey there blog world! So, I'm going to be completely honest. It is obvious that I haven't blogged since, oh February. That's pretty slack. Well, at least from Februrary until May it was. I started thinking that my thoughts tend to just be scattered and not that interesting. So, I stopped blogging. I also made that excuse of not having time. Which is kind of silly. I look at people that have kids, a job and a much more insane life than me and they still blog. So why can't I?

l will tell you why I couldn't. I forgot my password. Add that to the pile of excuses! But then, I realized when I was trying to figure out how to follow Martha's (my BFF) blog I couldn't remember my username either. Wow, forgetfulness stinks. Some of you are thinking, well why didn't you just use the same password or username as your other stuff? Because, I like to be funny and so sometimes I make my passwords something I find funny at the time. It cracks me up every time I use it for the first few times. Then, it just becomes hard to remember. There are, afterall, so many funny things that happen. So, I have decided to use a trick a friend taught me, to use scripture as your password. We'll see how this works. But, don't worry, I told 2 close friends what my username and password is so this won't happen again!

Now that I have successfully rambled about my forgetfulness I have forgotten my point! I am hoping to get back into blogging. For those of you that don't know, I am in Wilmington this Summer. I have been taking summer classes online, have become a professional dog-sitter(which is amazing), beaching it a lot, spending time with family and old friends, and best of all, resting with the Lord. At church on Sunday, the minister talked about how before you train a dog to walk with you, you must teach the dog to stay. We must learn how to stay with God (Be still and know that He is God) before we can walk with Him in obedience. I feel as though God has been calling me to stay and be fed with His word, His love and His beauty. I have been learning so much and have been seeing His work being done in Wilmington and in my life. Praise God and how amazing He is!